Shuttle Fund Advisor’s strategy operates at the top of the risk curve and aims to benefit from exposure to new and innovative digital assets, including digital currencies, distributed application tokens, smart contracts and decentralized autonomous organizations.


  • Crypto Currencies
  • Smart Contracts
  • Distributed Ledger Tokens
  • Digital Asset Companies
  • Decentralized Autonomous Organisations


  • Lower Volatility
  • Avoiding Style Drift
  • Strict Risk Limits
  • Focus on Fundamental & Technical Analysis
  • Provide Outsized Returns Relative to Risk
  • Strong Governance and Cyber-security Controls


  • Rotate to Cash under Certain Market Conditions
  • Custom Index of Diversified Crypto Assets
  • Optimize Entry and Exit Levels for Investors
  • Intimate Knowledge of the Network and Underlying Tokens

Technical, financial, operational, and qualitative due diligence are the cornerstones of Shuttle Fund’s research process in the areas of cybersecurity, finance, governance. Where applicable, the fund may also provide market making and lending services to provide liquidity and arbitrage market flows.

In relation to the size of the opportunity and the rapid growth rates associated with uptake of disruptive technologies, Shuttle Fund Advisor LLC is partially activist to ensure adoption of investments. Longer initial holding periods allow access to emergent, currently illiquid investments that provide asymmetric risk return profiles.

Fund Strengths

    • Active approach to portfolio construction
    • Focus on absolute returns regardless of market environment
    • Strict risk management framework, identifying digital behaviours
    • Low correlation to traditional asset classes
    • Longevity in digital asset space since 2010

Shuttle Strengths

    • Breadth of technical expertise
    • Idea generation – technical filters, broker relationships, advanced technical capability, global footprint and investment management experience
    • Operational support globally, with offices in New York, London, Dubai, and Seoul
    • Cross regional collaboration with extensive networks